Hello! I’m a programmer who mainly uses Java and Scala for work and Python at home. I’m primarily Linux-based at home (I have Mint on my primary dev machine) and have used a Mac (deploying to RHEL and AWS) at work. I know enough shell scripting to get my launch environment set up but prefer Python for any serious scripting work.

IntelliJ IDEA is my IDE of choice. I’d previously used Eclipse since ~2003, and Emacs before that. I’ll admit to using vim for most of my CLI editing, though my frustrations with modal editing have thus far prevented me from becoming truly proficient.

I’ve toyed with many programming languages in the past (Ruby, Clojure, Rust, and Fantom, among others) and have plans to learn many others. My newest focus is Kotlin, which shows promise as the successor to Java on the JVM. I’m an advocate for using the right tool for the job, so it’s useful to make a periodic survey of the state of the software development world.

Here are a few of the places where I have a web presence: